About Welf

Welf is a philosopher, designer and entrepreneur reimagining human-computer interaction. He's interested in ideas, practices, and technology that support intentionality, thoughtfulness, and human development.

Welf is the co-founder and CEO of Potential, Inc.

Welf worked with the Center for Humane Technology on aspirational visions and narratives of humane technology. He made essential contributions to their Foundations of Humane Technology course which has been taken by more than 10,000 technologists. It's been featured by Wired: Can an Online Course Help Big Tech Find Its Soul?

Before founding Potential he studied Product Management and Interaction Design at CODE University of Applied Sciences in Berlin, worked as a product designer, organized the Humane Tech Berlin meetup, and hosted digital wellbeing workshops.

About This Blog

Humane Computing - I believe we're in a co-evolutionary relationship with technology. In the context of ubiquitous and persuasive technology, limbic capitalism, and attention scarcity, there is an opportunity to reimagine human-computer interaction, starting with a blank sheet of paper. This blog is where I share basic reflections and practical ideas on attentional artistry and humane computing.

Intentional Living - I believe the unexamined life is not worth living. I want to be thoughtful about what I believe, who I become, and how I live my life. This blog is where I publish some of my reflections, examine my beliefs, and work towards a comprehensive life philosophy.

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