Anything worth saying comes back to a philosophy of the good life.

Any philosophy worth having needs to be grounded in reality, needs proof of work, needs good epistemics.

That also means factoring the context of the world that we live in; which is quite challenging, given that we’re living in a radically unpredictable, post-future world, approaching AGI within the next three years and is generally dealing with all sorts of civilizational struggles, instabilities, geopolitical power struggles, etc.

There’s also the fact that the world we live in is shaped by forces like big food, big tech, big pharma; systems utterly misaligned with our wellbeing, creating a popular culture and “hyper-normalization” of toxicity.

And then, deeper yet, we’re looking at FIAT money, elites with agendas, etc.

And then all this is in feedback loops with culture, from broken dating culture to bullshit values, there’s a profound confusion and foolishness wherever you look, contributing to a crisis of meaning, belonging, etc.

What’s essential to the good life?

Wisdom, health, vitality, wealth, beauty, love, transcendence.

But also our more basic needs: Security, Belonging, Self-Esteem. Exploration, Love, Purpose.

But in all of these, we have the prerequisite of good epistemics, we need to have a good way of knowing that what we think we know is true.

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